For our Residents at Elkington House we carefully choose activities according to the seasons and with regards to each resident's capabilities and to our Registered Charity. 

 Doreen, our Activities Co-ordinator, is with our residents at the home every weekday, providing tailored activities in response to each person’s different interests and hobbies.  This could be either in groups or in one-to-one attention.

Some activities our residents have enjoyed  include:

 * Having a newspaper or magazine read to them

 * Reminiscences—followed up by Doreen finding books or information relating (for example) to someone’s town of birth or to their memories.

 * Dominoes, Bingo and Jigsaw puzzles

 * Arts & Crafts

 * Cooking and Gardening Activities

 * Sensory or verbal quizzes for those with visual impairments

 * Large print card games

 * A monthly sing-song with Dave & Shirley, our visiting Entertainers

 * Walks or wheelchair trip to the park or shops

 * Talking Newspapers or Talking Books

 * Listening to music chosen by the residents

Easter, Summer and Christmas Parties for residents, their relatives & friends, staff and trustees of   Southend Blind Welfare Organisation